12 skills necessary for successful startup and business development


No matter how innovative the idea of ​​your startup is, you will not be able to realize it if you do not have the necessary technical, communicative and personal skills.

And it is not at all necessary, and impossible, to personally possess all the necessary qualities. The best option is to create your own team, which accumulates all the missing intellectual resources.

The main thing is to make sure that your team has 12 skills necessary to launch and develop your startup:

Hard skills.

  1. The ability to select qualified personnel.

Everything falls on the shoulders of a startup – from opening an office to creating and promoting a product, sales and accounting.

However, if you do not have the necessary qualities or you simply do not have time for this, you need to learn how to choose the right performers who will help you realize your ideas and do the tasks for you.

  1. Financial accounting skills.

Regardless of the source of funding – internal (bootstrapping) or external (investment), you need to monitor cash flow and make sure that the company does not run out of money.

Therefore, the study of the basics of accounting is required.

First you need to learn: the principles of payroll, tracking sales, reconciliation of payments, buying and selling long-term assets, preparing financial statements and analyzing profitability.

Obviously, these tasks require special knowledge and take a lot of time. Therefore, decide who will be responsible for this in advance.

  1. Technical skills, web development and programming.

To ensure that your startup is not just an idea on paper, you will need solid technical skills. After all, an online business primarily consists in creating a product, service or platform. And for this, just the same, and you need to be able to work with code.

I can immediately say that giving the technical part, including the development of a site or product, to outsource would be a terrible idea.

A person who works on a contract basis will never delve into the idea and nature of your product. Moreover, he will not be interested in doing well. It is simply important for him to get money for his work.

Therefore, make sure that your team has a strong technical specialist who will take care of the tasks related to coding, site layout and even setting up complex software to the needs of your company.

  1. Graphic and web design.

Today, the visual component of your business comes to the fore. Because the modern client “loves with his eyes.”

From the brand logo to the color of the buttons on the site – everything will be tedious to draw. Handsomely.

Therefore, you will have to discover the hidden skills of the artist and specialist in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or take a team of people who can cope with these tasks perfectly.

Do not assume that there will be little work for the designer. On the contrary. With active marketing campaigns, he will be almost the busiest person in the team. Graphic elements are needed everywhere: website, email list, social networks, etc.

  1. Sales and marketing.

After creating the product, the journey has just begun.

No one will become your customer just because you have a “cool thing”. It will need to be sold.

To do this, your team must be able to navigate the trends of their industry, assess market conditions and analyze the level of competition.

It is necessary to understand how and through which channels to build communication with the audience and make your message as attractive and convincing as possible.

  1. Project management.

Without effective management, a team can easily stray from a given course, pursue another idea or trend and completely lose concentration.

Therefore, the Project Manager is an important link in your team.

The team should have a person who will monitor the process of completing tasks, prioritize and make sure that the team moves along a given vector.

This will be done by a person who combines another role in your team, it is up to you personally or an individual specialist to decide.

But project management should not be something secondary. Otherwise, very soon you can become bogged down in a routine that will slow down your progress or start doing things that don’t bring you closer to your main goal.

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