Bakra Eid 2017 Messages – Eid ul Adha SMS

Bakra Eid 2017 Messages – Eid ul Adha SMS

Bakra Eid 2017 Messages – Eid ul Adha SMS

Muslims over the globe spruce up in new garments and offer the morning petitions, following which they butcher allowed creatures and convey the meat among the poor, family and companions. A sacred event to spread the messages of deep sense of being and confidence in Allah, you, as well, can pass on your heartiest wishes to your friends and family by sending fun and lively messages. Peruse on further to know some instant messages and wishes for Bakra Eid or Eid ul-Adha.

Eid ul Adha Messages

Eid ul Adha SMS 2017

Allah aapko khudai ki sari neymatein de,

Allah apko khushiyan aur atah karein,

dua hamari hai aapke saath,

Bakra Eid pe aap aur sabaab haasil karein !!

… ..

Everybody sent you

Convention words about

Eid But I’m the first

To send you



Continue eating

Distinctive dishes

On this season…

… ..

Kash tu mera Bakra hota

Primary tujhe ghass

Khilata aur pyar se tere seengh

Hilata aur

Poochta pagal


Tu ya primary??

Or, on the other hand tu pyaar se bolta

Primary Main …

… ..

Haqiqat samjho ya afsana!

Apna samjo ya begana!

Hamara apka rishta hai purana!

Isliye farz tha apko batana..

Ke BAKRA EID aa rahi hai..

Stomach muscle shura kardo ghass khana…

… ..

May your plate of life be dependably

loaded with delicious kababs and tikas,

finished with the chutney of bliss.

With best Eid wishes,

Cheerful EID!

… ..

Goshat Khana Aqal K Liye Muzar Hai

Kiun K Goshat Se Dimag Par Charbi Charhti Hai

SMS Takhleeq Karne Main Dushwari Hoti Hai

Vezarat-E-SMS Hakoomat-E-Dos

… ..

I wish you an exceptionally glad and tranquil Eid ul Adha.

May Allah acknowledge your great deeds, pardon your transgressions

also, sins and facilitate the torment of all people groups the world over.

Upbeat Bakra Eid!!

… ..

Bakra Debit

Money Credit

Qurbani Debit

Gosht Credit

Qasai Debit

Khaal Credit

Aap Debit

Murmur Credit

Eid Bakra Mubarak…

Hamara Eid Massege Debit

Apka Eid Text Reply Credit

Eid ul Azha Mubarak

… ..

Mubarak mauka Allah ne atah farmaya,

ek baar fir bandagi ki rah pe chalaya

Adaa karna apna farz tum khuda ki liye..

Khushi se bhari ho eid ul adha apke liye !!

… ..

Peace, endowments, confidence…

May the endowments of Allah be with you!

Eid Mubarak!!!

… ..

May Allah shower His choicest endowments

what’s more, edify your heart and home.

Wish you an euphoric Eid ul-Adha…

… ..

I wish Allah dependably

Aides into the correct way

What’s more, favors you with his

Benevolence and love

Eid Mubarak!

… ..

Hawa Ko Khusbo


Fiza Ko Mausam


Dilon Ko Pyar


Apko Hmari Taraf Se

“Eid Mubarak”

… ..

May the favored

event of Eid ul-Adha…

elegance you with joy

what’s more, fill your home with peace!

Eid Mubarak!

… ..

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