Best Eid ul Adha First Day Quotes 2017

Best Eid ul Adha First Day Quotes 2017

Best Eid ul Adha First Day Quotes 2017

Eid ul Adha is the Holy celebration to cheer. Give everyone a chance to appreciate and have a good time as well. Bear in mind the individuals who can’t be happy without your participation,,,,,,happy eid day

Eid ul Adha 1st Day Wallpapers

mein advertise principle hon tumhary liye EID

pe kya lon kapray ya scent ya

or, on the other hand koi cheez answer quick.

Ye msg mujy kub karo gy zalimo… =P ;- >


On the Joyous Occasion of “EID”..

Expectation ALLAH’s Blessings Bring

U Blissful Happiness,

Soul of Celebration and Togetherness

of ur Dear Ones

Happy Eid Mubarak..



******(¨`•.•’¨).¸… ..(¨`•.•’¨)******

*(¨`•.•’` *•. ¸.•’ **** `•.¸.•’ `•.•’¨)*

* `•.¸.•’ ** Eid mubarak **`•.¸.•’*

*******(¨`•.•’¨) (¨`•.•’¨)********




Aa gayay humaray khaas mehmaan

Jo kal ho jaingay qurbaan

Aj rakho unka zra khayal

Kal utray gi unki khaal

Qurbani ki di thi jo

Hazrat Ismail nay misaal

Aik dunbay nay diya tha

Phir mushkil se nikaal

Isi ki yaad mein manatay hain

Murmur Eid e Qurbaan har saal


Har taraf mehngai roughage

Bakra eid bhi ser pe ayee roughage

Sab k chehron pe khushi si chahyee roughage

Maali bhi bana phir raha qasai roughage

Kisi ki qurbani roughage

Toh kisi ki kamai roughage

eid is magnificent day “2 implore “2 cherish “2 mind “2 grin

“2 commend “2 visit “2 thank 4 god” and 4 everthing eid mubarak


Eid ul Adha is celebrate in the recognition of an extraordinary give up of Hazrat Ibrahim to yield his child Ishmael as a demonstration of dutifulness to God… … look today would we say we are such a great amount of devoted to GOD???

How about we commend this eid by building up that incredible dutifulness in our heart

Happy more noteworthy Eid…


Apki grin Pe Dil Qurban

Apki style Pe Jan Qurban

Apk Ada Pe Zindagi Qurban

Or, then again Agar AAP KA

SMS Aana Band Huwa

Tu… .



per ap bhi



Tum Dil Maango gay

Mil jaye ga…

Jigar Maango,

Wo b De sanctum gay

Kidney Maango, Wo b hazir!

Bas bari eid ane do…

Us Din Hum ne

Bakra Zibah karna hai. Inshallah



Give every one of your hindrances a chance to vanish in only an erosion of second.

May you get a specialist Qaasaee on bakra eidHappy Eid day


Eid Ul Adha Prayer

Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber.

La Ila-Ha Ill-Lal-Lah. Allaho-Akber,

Allaho-Akber. Wa-Lilahill Hamd.

(Allah Is Great, Allah Is Great.

There Is No God But Allah.

Allah Is Great, Allah Is Great.And All Praises Are For Allah)


Dil Ki Gehraiyon Se







Or, on the other hand FiHaL

Sabzi Or Daal

Per Guzara Karein


[ ]


“”””””” \



Ye lo ye bakra kar lena is dafa

Happy bakra eid…

Eid Mubarak




Meat Mubarak…

Continue getting a charge out of eid with loads of meat…


Wishing you WisheS… … .


May you get bakra sasta on this eid

Happy Eid QuRbAn

I go to God that may your hindrances vanish in only an erosion of second. Happy Eid e qurban


Eid QuRbAn is a day to wish and make joyful together. Do the qurbani and appreciate the essence of eid with your everything love ones. May your life be loaded with such incredible days! Wish all of you brilliant qualities of this excellent Eid day.


Joy (EID) is never impeccable, until the point that common with somebody so share your eid with your almost ones and with the individuals who dependably needs other to satisfy their bliss


last nite i got som staRs***

I’ll giv them

2 the general population

who r

jst so



2 me… .






get it… .its 4 U 2 make ur day a most joyful day

Eid Mubarak . . .


Sending warm wishs

over the miles…

jst 2 let u know

how much u r missed on

EID Day, ,


Eid ul adha is eid of yield,

also, sense of duty regarding Allah’s requests,

May Allah favor us wid the same in all circles of life,

also, help all among us,

who r defenseless, stressed,

furthermore, holding up 4 his rehmat,

Ameen.Eid Mubarak.


May ur plate of life be alwys brimming with succulent kebabs

and tikkas, finished with the chutney of satisfaction.

With all the best:- ):- ) Happi eiD daY


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