Birthday Love Messages For Husband

Birthday Love Messages For Husband

Birthday Love Messages

happy birthday wishes 2017 image

happy birthday wishes 2017 image

Before the clock strikes 12,
let me take the opportunity,
to let you know that you,
have grown a year more…
Happy birthday
The day has come and it’s so special.
Today is ur birthday day
I wish u love, wisdom, and strenght, on this special day.
Happy Birthday!
You’re my true love, this I know For your actions always tell me so Little things that mean so much The gentleness of your touch.

I know its your birthday 2day..
I am sure you’ll give me treat in a big hotel..
so i shall talk to u in personal there,
coz i dunno to express my feelings in SMS”
My Love For You
Grows And Grows
With Each
Passing Year.
Happy Birthday
To The
Love Of
My Life. …
For the world, i’s just another day,
But for me today is the best day of the year!

Birthday Love wishes

Happy Birthday my love.
The things we feel the deepest Are the hardest things to say But dear husband you must know How much I love you anyway.
Flying papers
multi colours of balloon
delicated blossom
fantastic people
love and laughter.
What it describes? HAPPY BIRTHDAY
A smile is a curve that
sets everything straight
and wipes wrinkle away
hope u share a lots and
receive a lots 4 days 2 come
happy birthday …….
Aghwaa Baraye Ta’awan Ki Ek Khabr Parh Kr
Biwi Ne Shohar Se Pocha – “Agr Koi Mjhe Aghwakr la Tou Tum Kitna Ta’awan Doge …?
Shohar- “Ta’awan Ya Inaam …”
bin ap k na jee payen gy hum

Birthday Love sayings

apki parchai ban ke zindgi bitayen gy hum
door jaane ki hum se sochna bhi mat
app ke itna sochne se he mar jayen ge hum
Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Dont lose your confidence
Go always ahead.
Happy Birthday
You and I together
Are so right
Into my world
You brought pure delight.
(Happy Birthday)
Life is like a book,
each day a new page with
adventures to experience,
lesson to learn & gud deeds 2 replicate.
B4r the clock strikes 12″
let me take the opportunity”
2 let u know that u”
have grown a year mor and mor.
Happy birthday

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