Birthday Quotes For Friends

Birthday Quotes For Friends

Uninhibited youth usually cooks its own goose.”

“There is nothing to make one grow old so fast as the hardening of one’s heart.”

“Birthdays are like your cat’s fur balls–the more you have, the more you gag.” -Melvin Helitzer

“My formula for living long is to continue breathing.”

“At 50, everyone has the face he deserves. “George Orwell

“Remember, that in life, the heart filled with love is the start all wisdom and knowledge. Have a wonderful day.”

“Never be distracted from what you want in life. I hope you have joy, laughter, and success on your birthday.”

“Action is the bedrock to all of life’s success. “

“My dear friend, you have become a most happy part of my life. Happy Birthday!”

“Always remember to laugh last. Because, those who get the last laugh last, they laugh best.”

“Happy birthday, you may be getting a year older but just tak your time about it.”

“Middle-age is when you sit at home on a Saturday evening and the phone rings but you hope the call isn’t for you.”

“Old-age is when you want to get up and offer your seat to a young lady but can’t.”

“You’re not pushing 40, you’re dragging it.”

“Those of us who have the most birthdays live the longer.”

“A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew.”-Herb Caen

“If we life our lives in fear, we are already three-fourths dead. Live fearlessly today.”

“One can never make a spot for oneself in the sun if one insists on taking shelter under one’s family tree.”

“We are as old as our mind tells us we are. So, live immaturely today.”

“Anger is almost always a horrible adviser.”


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