Birthday Sms Wishes 2017-Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday Sms Wishes 2017-Happy Birthday Wishes

Good Night

As the night gets deep and dark,
Let your worries fade,
Let this night change your life,
And make it a better place.

Give you new hope,
And the love you need,
Let the stars shower you with joys,
And the moon bless you with peace.
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Dream Big

birthday celebration Pics 2017

birthday celebration Pics 2017

Soar up honey,
Stars are not too far,
And moon is not out of reach.

Dream big; dream high,
Nothing will put you down,
Take a step and reach the sky.
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Go my dear,
Go to sleep,
Tomorrow won’t come,
Unless you sleep,
So Rest your soul,
And drift into the dreams.
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Promise Me Tonight

Look up at the moon,
And promise me tonight,
That you will be mine,
Now and forever,
No matter what happens,
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Sleep Well

Slip into your bed,
And forget your worries,
Close your eyes tight,
And drift into the dreams.
Tomorrow will come soon,
So sleep well my baby.
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Good Night

Lights are turned off,
Everywhere around,
Whole city is snoring,
In a deep dark wink,
Take your tiny eyes,
Towards you bed,
It’s time to greet me,
With a goodnight text!
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Come to bed

A huge bed of stars,
And a pillow of moon,
To rest your soul,
With a sweet lullaby,
A beautiful night,
Waiting just for you,
So come here soon
And sleep with me.
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Sweet Hours

Come to your bed,
Time has hit the clock,
Calmly rest yourself,
In the cold night of dark,
Don’t you snort aloud,
Sleep in pin drop silence,
Gently catch a wink,
Before the morning comes.
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Night Of Hope

Tonight is a different night,
It’s something special.
Tonight is deep and dark,
But dark with hidden hope.
Tonight let’s light up our dreams,
Brighten them up with stars.
Tonight, let the moon lead us,
Let us walk towards our goal.
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The Dark Ocean

As I walk along the cold night,
Following the sea shore,
I look up at the glitters above,
Shining in white and yellow.
The ocean above is beautiful,
Much deeper and peaceful.
I want to fly in the violet sky,
And sleep on the wavy clouds.

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