Birthday Wishes For Sister

Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

happy birthday wishes messages

happy birthday wishes messages

happy birthday wishes messages

People who haven’t shared their lives with a sister know nothing of how beautiful this world becomes when a sister is around. I value your presence in my life a lot dear sis. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Dear sister
You are a halo around me
Always looking out for me
And protecting me
Wishing well for me
And guiding me
Thank you for being my guardian angel
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
If I were to pick someone in my life who is irreplaceable, it would be you my dear sister. You are the sunshine and the rainbow of my life. Happy Birthday.
On your Birthday today, I wish I could bring down the stars for you to let you know how much I love you sis. Hope you have a great day.
What gift should I give
To a sister as lovely as you
Bracelets, flowers and chocolate
Aren’t enough for a soul as true
You’ve been my pillar of strength
And my life’s magnificent view
May you have many more bright days ahead
Happy Birthday to you!

On your Birthday today, I sit and think about all the fights, quarrels, arguments and tussles we had. And behind all that, I see all the love dug deep. On that note, may we have many more fights and quarrels ahead! Happy Birthday.

By being a great sister, you have given me the biggest gift of my life. I wonder what I could give you in return to match this favor. Until I come up with a great answer, let me wish you a very warm and Happy Birthday.

I’m never afraid of taking chances and making mistakes because you’re always there to catch me. So I hope I can keep on making mistakes all my life! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear sister.

The sweet and precious moments of my life would have never been etched in my memory if you weren’t there to share them with me. I wish the world to you on your Birthday. Have a great one.

You are loved and cherished by the whole family but there is someone who loves you more than anyone else

Whenever I think of you, all the happy times of my childhood come streaming in front of my eyes. You are a part of my life that can never be erased. Have a great Birthday.

I am glad that I have a sister like you. If God gave me anything less, I would have complained! Happy Birthday. You are the best sister of the world.
You deserve tons of happiness, joy, love, gifts, hugs and blessings on your Birthday today. Happy Birthday sis.
You are my most precious memory, most invaluable gift and most cherished person. What would have I done without you in my life? Happy Birthday sister. Thank you for being there.
I wish that every single day of your life is engulfed in joy, peace and happiness. This is the least I could wish for you dear sister. Happy Birthday.
Sisters like you are like rare jewels. Only those like me who are really fortunate get them. Happy Birthday sis. Wishing you many great years ahead.
On your Birthday today I wish that you hold my hand forever because we are blood sisters and the best of friends. I love you sis. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
May you have as many Birthdays as there are rainbows in the world. May you radiate, shine bright and spread happiness wherever you go. Happy Birthday.
I hope you inspire many other people just like you have inspired me. I hope that the light of your life shines bright on many other lives just as it has shone on me all this while. Happy Birthday dear sis.
Every time I am down and out, all I have to do is think of your lovely smile and everything comes back to normal. That is the power you hold on my life, dear sister. Happy Birthday.


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