Birthday Wishes in Poems-Poems On Birthday

Birthday Wishes in Poems-Poems On Birthday

Birthday Wishes

For you each birthday means new dreams of possibilities, brand new thoughts to consider, a whole year to try a million great things and you’re just the girl to do it. My birthday wishes to you.

Make the most of this day, get dressed up. Get a magnificent dress, dress up like royalty. Get the best shoes, do your hair. Just scream out loud “It’s my birthday today!”

happy birthday cake image

happy birthday cake image

Each year on this day I’m so pleased that God gave me a son just like you.

I’m always proud to have you as my son. Giving you my birthday wishes.

Every year I am so thankful that I have you as my son.

Regardless of how many birthdays you celebrate you will always be my little boy.

Happy birthday son.

Birthday wishes to a fantastic son who is also my good friend.

Happy birthday daughter.

Birthday wishes to a magnificent daughter, who is also a great friend.

Every year on this day I’m so happy that God provided me with a daughter just like you.

I’m always proud to have you as my daughter. Giving you my birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes to you my daughter, I am still so thankful to have you in our lives.

You will always be my little girl, especially on this day and deserving of my birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes in Poems

Of everything that goes into making up you
Have a blessing for every candle you see
You can take your cake today and eat it too
Tear open this day and enjoy it
Of all the love and affection there
Make sure you guide a wish onward to
Heaven using the power of a prayer
Don’t forget what a blessing you are
Even when this day is over.
You’re a star, I think a real treasure
So keep shining!
Our baby girl is turning 5,
We never expected this day to arrive,
She’s growing up so better make it last,
These last four years have been a blast!! ……by Audra Sanders
Although the exceptional days
Just like birthdays
Appear to be the best ones by far
I want to tell you very affectionately
how delightful you really are
Surely you have to know
That you really are loved a whole lot
every day of the whole year through
Don’t forget you are always wished
All of the special things
That could ever mean the most to you.
Best Wishes for a happy birthday.
You are as sweet as a bug
So priceless to hug
A wonderful child
Who is lovely to be near
So I expect turning two
Is cheerful and enjoyable
I expect it will take you
To a third fantastic year
I wish for you to have plenty of affection, and always laughter
Not only for this special day but for every one of the days forever after
Happy Birthday!
On this day
We can say
We are so delighted you were born
Birthday wishes for today

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