Birthday Wishes That Are Funny – Birthday Quote messages

Birthday Wishes That Are Funny – Birthday Quote messages

birthday wishes

happy birthday cake imagess

happy birthday cake imagess

Birthday wishes on your day and I hope that you don’t die at least until you eat your cake, because it looks really nice.

Birthday wishes to the old fart.

Today is the anniversary of your umbilical cord separation. So celebrate!

Forget your past its already happened. Also forget your present too because I already have.

At this stage you probably want to forget all about your birthday. Lucky for you, I haven’t. Happy birthday.

Birthdays are nature’s method of telling us to eat lots more in a single day.

The way you age is just like cheese…Every year you just keep getting smellier!

It feels like there is a fireplace in here or is that just all of the candles on your cake?

The number of famous people born on your birthday is staggering. What a shame you aren’t one.

One more year older, but not any wiser.

Birthday wishes today! You’re now one year closer to the day of your death.

Go ahead it’s alright to light the candles on your cake now, I’ve given the fire department a call.

Along with age often comes wisdom – your one of the wisest people I know!

I had a good think of what to get you for your birthday, but absolutely nothing came to my mind.

Even though I didn’t actually get you a gift, you would have loved that I thought about it. Birthday wishes to you.

Birthday wishes to you, so what if you escaped from a zoo.

birthday wishes

There are so many candles on such a little cake…need more cake.

Every birthday that passes, you appear to grow ever more lovely, I just wish I could be bothered wearing my glasses! Just joking, my best birthday wishes.

I wonder if we will ever find out the nation’s biggest secret, your real age. Here are my birthday wishes.

Birthday wishes, don’t think of it as getting older instead you’re gradually getting a little closer to death.

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