Birthday Wishes That Are Very Funny

Birthday Wishes That Are Very Funny

Birthday Wishes

happy birthday cake photos

happy birthday cake photos

Despite all of the progress in science, there has still been no remedy for undue birthdays.  All of my birthday wishes till next year.

“Over the hill” is a comparative term, but just in case here’s a sled.  Birthday wishes.

You better enjoy your birthday cake as much as you can today as starting tomorrow we will continue judging you based upon every single scrap you consume.

So many birthdays passed.  So few candles on the cake.  Maybe next year your birthday wishes should be for a larger cake.

You’re way too sophisticated to be worried about material possessions, like presents.

The more you try to look younger; the older you really are.

You really can’t think of yourself as old unless you can’t read this writing anymore.

Instead of thinking of it as getting older, consider it as becoming one of the classics.

A very wise saying is that an old fart is just as good as a brand new one.

You’ve survived yet another year and although you have come out of it older, it’s better than the other option.  Congratulations and birthday wishes!

Another year of existence swirling down the plug hole of life.  The best of my birthday wishes.

Lets look at the reasons why you hate your birthday, because people give you strange presents, creepy cards with peculiar messages inside and because you keep getting older.  Anyway besides all of that here are my birthday wishes!

We can recognise we’re getting old when the only present we want for our birthday is to not remember it.  I’ll give you my birthday wishes anyway!

Having lots of birthdays is like having lots of boogers, the more you have the harder it gets to breathe.  Birthday wishes for less birthdays!

Intelligent, wonderful, gorgeous, charming, all of these qualities have been given to me and that is why I give myself to you on the anniversary of your birthday.  Joking!  Hoping for you the best birthday wishes.

This birthday I hope you manage to have a young life with a stunning wife.  As well as children by the tonnes and keen to eat buns.  Sending my birthday wishes out to you.

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