[Dan Henry] Infobusiness in the USA: How is the sales funnel, which brings $ 3 million per year

Infobusiness (information business) is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. And online education does become much more effective than classical education.

But as in any other business, everyone conducts business in different ways. Some use standard approaches and get mediocre results, while others find new approaches that exceed all expectations.

One example of a successful online education business is Dan Henry. In a short period of time, he managed to build a successful business with a turnover of millions of dollars a year.

There are many interesting and non-standard solutions in his approaches. We’ll talk about this.

This article will be interesting for online entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who are interested in learning how the internal kitchen of an automated system for lead generation and selling online courses looks , as well as how to apply similar tactics and strategies in your business to increase sales.


  1. A detailed reproduction of an automated sales funnel in online education that brings Den Henry $ 3 million a year.
  2. The main tools that make this funnel so successful and that you can steal or borrow for your business.
  3. What would I improve in this funnel if I was asked to do it.


I have never worked with Dan Henry. All the conclusions in this article are based on my personal experience with Dan Henry’s brand and products. Since the online business does not stand still, I also admit that some tactics change faster than similar articles are written and published. Therefore, some of the facts may be outdated by the time you read this. 

Enjoy reading!

Who is Dan Henry and why should he do business in more detail?

Every time Dan appears as a guest on one of the popular podcasts, he is asked to talk about how he came to what he is doing today.

According to him, five years ago, Den Henry was a pizza delivery man. Today, he runs a company that makes millions of dollars selling educational courses.

Between pizza delivery and a multi-million dollar business, there were several more attempts to start a business: selling T-shirts, delivering water, an e-cigarette blog, and more. But nothing brought the desired success.

One day, Dan found out about lead generation and how to do it using Facebook ads. As it turned out later, this service is very popular among small business owners: dentists, chiropractors, plumbers, lawyers, realtors and others.

Den began to generate leads with the help of paid advertising for private entrepreneurs, and a year later 10 thousand were launched. dollars per month net profit.

Today he teaches this in his online educational course, which brings him millions of dollars annually.

What makes Den’s case particularly interesting is that his sales funnel is fully automated and works 24/7 365 days a year. Moreover, it works on the basis of evergreen content .

No launches or live broadcasts. No regular updates or new content creation. He set up all the elements for the mechanism to work once and now they feed it around the clock, day after day.

Minimum investment, maximum profit.

Short summary:

  1. Field : Infobusiness.
  2. Feature : Evergreen sales funnel that runs on autopilot.
  3. Income : $ 250-300 thousand / month.

Is it possible to establish a similar system in your online business? Definitely. Especially if you are selling an information product.

Let’s look at what strategies Henry uses in his business.

Detailed reproduction of an automated sales funnel that brings $ 3 million per year

If you look at Dan’s site and his Facebook page, it might seem that this guy’s marketing approach is nothing special.

Everything is quite simple and straightforward.

And there is.

A sales funnel consists of a minimum number of elements, advertisements are written according to well-established formulas, email marketing works like a clock based on a trigger system, and a 60-minute webinar that brings money every day was recorded once – a couple of years ago.

In his system, everything is transparent and as simple as possible, which Den himself likes to talk about.

But at each stage of the client’s journey, Den uses several tactics that help him turn a simple marketing funnel into a machine that literally prints money 24/7.

Facebook Ads

The main and only source of traffic that fills the funnel is paid traffic from Facebook.

Unlike many other online entrepreneurs who sell their online courses, Den’s advertising posts have nothing to do with selling a key product.

His ad doesn’t scream, “Do you want to become successful and wealthy?” I will teach you how! Register now for my webinar! ”

This approach is obviously wrong. Because paid advertising is most often aimed at a “cold audience” who is not ready to get a credit card from a wallet at the first request of a stranger from a news feed. Even if he “guarantees” that he is the best in his niche.

The chances that a person will immediately follow the link with such an advertisement are very low. Therefore, it is not surprising that the CTR of advertisements in this niche is often very low, and the price of lead is high.

A cold audience is not ready to start a relationship with strangers.

Therefore, Dan takes a different approach to working with the target audience . Smart approach.

Ad format

Dan uses video content in combination with long text in his advertisements .

The video format is a great choice, as the video is gaining popularity not only among brands but also customers.

Over the past two years, people began to prefer video over text more often. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The presence of emotions;
  • Having the opportunity to see a person and establish a certain level of relationship.
  • It perfectly combines visual with audio content, which allows you to better perceive information.

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