Eid Mubarak SMS Messages 2017

Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards | Eid Greeting Cards 2017
Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards | Eid Greeting Cards 2017

Eid Mubarak SMS Messages 2017

Eid ul Azha SMS messages and Eid ul Azha instant messages for your cell phone. All Eid ul-Fitr SMS messages gathering on Eid ul-Fitr SMS site on the web.

Discover most recent Eid ul-Fitr SMS messages, Eid ul-Fitr Wishes, Eid ul Fitr Greetings, Eid ul-Fitr Quotes and Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak SMS messages in one place. Send Eid ul-Fitr verse and Funny Eid ul-Fitr SMS messages to your friends and family who you miss on this Eid.

Best 14 Eid Mubarak SMS Messages 2017


Wishing A Very Happy Eid Mubarak

To You And All The Muslim Brothers

Around the globe

Both Here And In Far-Flung Places.

The Peace And Grace Of Allah Rest

Upon Your Shoulders And

Present to You A Contended And Very Happy Eid.


We Wish That This Eid Bring Smiles, Joys, Happiness and Prosperity To All Of Us.

May The Sun Of This Eid Lighten Our Country With Unity And Peace.

May Allah Show Us True Spirit Of Qurbani Float From Rich To Poor.


I wish a desire for u.

The desire i wish for few.

The desire i wish for u is that

your everything wishes work out as expected

so continue wishing

as my everything wishes are with you.

Eid Mubarak messages 2017


Friendless without u,

Every n each minutes.

When i am distant from everyone else

I close my eyes n consider u

N contemplations of ur cherish warms

Me inside n makes me grin.

miss you a considerable measure. eid mubarak.


Happy EID-Mubarak to every one of you

A Wonderful One..!!

To Help Make Your Eid

Companionship And Fun

Happy Moments Of

Brilliant, Happy Things

Warm,Happy Hours And

That This Eid Day Brings


O vai romjaner oi rojar seshe

elo khushir Eid. Amir, Gorib,

Fokir, Mastan gao khushi Geet.

Sobai mile kori kolakuli,

na hoi aj oparog, Onoboroto

bolte thaki Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid (Arabic: عيد مبارك‎, Bengali: ঈদমুবারক, Persian/Urdu: عید مُبارک, Malayalam: ഈദ്‌ മുബാറക്‌, Somali: Ciid wanaagsan, ஈத்முபாரக்) is a conventional Muslim welcome held for use on the celebrations of Eid ul-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr. Eid signifies “Festivity” and alludes to the event itself, and Mubarak signifies “favored”; for instance: “Eid Mubarak, sister!”

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