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Eid Mubarak Sms Wishes Greetings 2017

Eid ul Fiter Cards 2017

Eid Mubarak Sms Wishes Greetings 2017

I wish you the endowment of religion, the gift of yearning and the tranquility of your adoration in eid and generally.”Eid Mubarak”

Glad eid mubark to every individual. I could likewise every one of you have an absolutely upbeat and favored eid. Encounter these astounding days and recollect individuals who require our assistance.

Cheerful “Eid Mubarak” and merry Christmas to everybody!



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Eid Mubarak Images
Eid Mubarak Images

Eid ul Fitr 2017 first Day Wishes SMS Messages

Your relationship resembles paktel

“Dil to 1 feed”

You owe as a telenor

“Chaho kuch barh k”

Your genuineness as haleeb

“Garah in feed”

Your grin as a turn

Hila alright rakh de

Your style as ufone

Hi to me

Eid Mubarak wishes 2017

Your character lika bonanza

“Really worldclass”

My reaction as lipton

“Yehi to hai wo apnapun”

“Eid Mubarak”

In Eid ul Fitr!!! I ask that the most reassuring endowments

What’s more, love of Allah will be spilled out upon you.

“Eid Mubarak”

On Eid ul Fitr… .I need an upbeat birthday party

what’s more, showers of endowments of Allah.

“Eid Mubarak”

Furthermore, the advantages of allah can be showered

on you in this id the kabir!”Eid Mubarak”

Furthermore, may Allah be given His attractive activities

, excuse their transgressions and sins and mitigate

the battle of all people groups the world over.

“Eid Mubarak”

My legitimate longings, my appropriate goals for you are the fair petitions

in your long and fulfilling presence of God on this honorable event.

I wish you an extremely upbeat “Eid Mubarak”my dear.

God can likewise accompany the joy of paradise above.

Cheerful “Eid Mubarak”to every one of you.

I wish love and giggling,

Warmth and longings

Eid Mubarak sms
Eid Mubarak sms

Eid Mubarak sms

Happiness and a bundle of eid wishes,

exceptionally for you!!!

Magazines rise as a past of your eid and your way of life.

“Eid Mubarak”

Ary phyr parhy ja rahy hooo

Ary kaha na nahin parhna

Do you think it can be

I will be the first to state


“Eid Mubarak”


Eid ul Fitr 2017 first Day Wishes SMS Messages

Try not to open it for no less than 5 more days,







Eid Mubarak image
Eid Mubarak image

Mujhey paa tha aap say sabar kahan ho ga,

Fulfilled eid mubarak.

Yaad rakhna am the primary 2 say u “Eid Mubarak”!

Additionally endowments of Allah be with you nowadays, day after today, and continuously.”Eid Mubarak”

I trust you encounter each second of it. May God acknowledge our fasts and prayers.”Eid Mubarak”

May likewise this exceptional day brings peace, joy and flourishing to everybody. Eid Mubarak!

You can also enchant the day and the level of the minutes all the exceptional delights for all of you to treasure. Likewise, the earlier year can be productive as well, for your private home and possess family and specifically for you. Fulfilled the id kabir to you! “Eid Mubarak”

Eid days are intended to cheer, dreams and accomplishments, which make you more joyful. The standards you put stock in, the fantasy you venerate the exceptional.”Eid Mubarak”

We wish you a cheerful eid and may this challenge bring bottomless delight and bliss for your existence!”Eid Mubarak”


Eid ul Fitr 2017 first Day Wishes SMS Messages

“Eid Mubarak” to every one of the Muslims around the part and the advantages of allah be with you nowadays, day after today, and ceaselessly.

I wish this fulfilled day and blessed parade convey quiet and quietness to your life worse on eid day but rather to all your reality ahead of time. Presently no better to you however to every one of the people you adore and treasure. An absolutely glad “Eid Mubarak”

From the profundities of my coronary heart, I supplicate that the bliss of the cutting edge minute at no time in the future fits into the present minute yet it stays there for the unwinding of its existence.”Eid Mubarak”

It is a day of celebrating and bliss; It is a day of gift and peace; It is a day to reflect and mull over; It’s a day to cheer collectively!”Eid Mubarak”

You can likewise favor allah to fill your ways of life with joy and open all entryways of progress now and until the end of time. “Eid Mubarak”

Look outside the house

It is so excellent!

Sun grinning to you

Bushes moving for you

Winged creatures singing to you

Since I requested that everybody need you

** .. * Eid Mubarak * .. **

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Eid ul Fitr 2017 first Day Wishes SMS Messages

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