Funny Birthday Wishes in Poems

Funny Birthday Wishes in Poems

Birthday Wishes in Poems

happy birthday cake pics

happy birthday cake pics

It is said the glass is half empty

Others say the glass is half full

Today’s your birthday, so just choose a glass and drink it.


Happy birthday to you

You live in a zoo

You look like a camel

And you smell like one too


You’re mature.

You’re cleverer.

You’re refined.


Today you’re another year older and apparently wiser

So put your brain into gear

And realise that there isn’t and present for you

Birthday wishes as well as wise tips for today:

Forget what’s happened, you can’t change it.

Forget the present I didn’t buy you one.


Cash is tight

Days are hard

So here’s your lucky-to-get birthday card


Happy birthday to you,

You belong in a zoo,

You smell like a monkey,

And you eat like one too.

Funny Birthday Wishes Age-Related

Birthday’s must be good for your health.  It has been scientifically proven that those who have the most birthdays live the longest.

You can’t avoid growing older but you can avoid growing up.  All of my birthday wishes.

It is always said that it is better to be thought of as over the hill than buried underneath it.

In life you are only as old as you act, so better start acting like a kid again.  Birthday wishes.

A few wise words for your birthday, “While you still have teeth, smile a lot!”

Yet one more year gone by, but you’ve found a new place that aches.

I think its bad to make any age-related jokes because I really feel bad about how old you are.

Give us a grin before you’re toothless, birthday wishes to you.

I think its important to never lie about your age except maybe in an crisis, like if someone asks how old you really are.

Count the good things in life, not your wrinkles.

Be reassured I will always think of you as someone older than me.  Best birthday wishes.

You can tell you’re getting old when you walk out to the mailbox and say its exercise.  Birthday wishes to you.

My birthday wishes for you are that you live for as long as you want to live, and enjoy it for as long as you do live.

I hope that you live to be ancient, toothless and bedridden.

You need to stop thinking you’re getting older.  You just get closer to dying!

It is said that men age like fine wine, women age like milk.

Ready for the birthday photo?  Quick, smile while you still have enough teeth!

It has been shown that those who have more birthdays than others will live the longest.  You have been proven to have a happy birthday.

Growing old is something that everyone must do.  Growing up, however, is something you choose to do.  Sending you my best birthday wishes dear friend.

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