Happy Birthday Message Wishes- Birthday Wishes Messages

Happy Birthday Message Wishes- Birthday Wishes Messages

Happy Birthday Message

Happy Birthday pictures

Happy Birthday pictures

I wish I could be there to celebrate your special day dad,

Please forgive me for not being there,

Happy belated birthday to you!

I purposely wished you late dad, So that I can spend two days of joy with you,

Happy belated birthday!

Dad, how can I remember your birthday?

When you do not have gray hair,

Wishing you belated happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes

Sorry dad for not wishing you on your special day,

But, let us make it special today,

A very happy belated birthday!

I wish to be like you intelligent, smart, and active,

So that I don’t forget your birthday next time dad,

Happy belated birthday!

You are the best dad ever,

You are so intelligent and clever,

But whatever I wish to do in life,

Please don’t say ‘never’

Happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday Quotes

You removed my dirty diaper,

Then also you were not hyper,

You took all the pain to make me like this,

So today, I will let you know my only wish,

Dad have a great birthday and enjoy your day!

Dad you are getting old,

Now ask, what is so funny,

It has nothing to do with birthday,

But you have started looking funnier,

Happy birthday dad!

Dad you will never grow old,

Because, you will watch us grow old. How lucky!

Happy birthday dad!

Dad age has not spoiled you a bit,

You still look young. Ok enough happy birthday to my dear dad!

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