Happy Birthday Messages Quotes For facebook

Happy Birthday Messages Quotes For facebook

Happy Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday greetings

Happy Birthday greetings

I could kid anybody in my life, and tell them a lie,

But not you, because you have the scrutiny power,

Anyways Happy birthday sis!

My sister you always keep showing me the mirror,

And, I will keep reflecting it,

Happy birthday dear sis!

You are a best friend and the best sister, double relation,

I cannot get rid of you. Lol:) Happy birthday sister!

Happy Birthday Quotes

Dear sister,

Here is my birthday cheer,

Because you are very dear,

Though, I had some fear,

But, anyways have a great year,

Happy birthday!

Our relation is like Tom and Jerry

Though you always ate my part of cherry,

But, still here is wishing you a very happy birthday!

I missed your birthday

I feel empty, not because I did not wish you, But, because there is no cake left, Ok, do not vex. Here is wishing you a very happy bleated birthday sweet sis.

Happy Birthday Quotes

Dear sis,

I did not forget your birthday, I wanted you to celebrate it for two days. Happy belated birthday!

What I forgot your birthday, But, I wished you last year sis, So chill, happy belated birthday to you!

I am sorry sister; it was a slight delay, I still remember how we used to play, But, at least let me wish you today, Happy belated birthday!

You use so many cosmetics, that I forgot your age and your birthday. Anyways, happy belated birthday to you sis!

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