Happy Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday pics 2017

Happy Birthday pics 2017

Our Little Deal

It is your special day, so make it grand,

Sing out loud and lift up your hands.

Cakes, chocolates and pastries, the treats are real,

Just say what you want, we can have a fair deal!

Happy Birthday Sister.

Happy Birthday Quotes


Today is the birthday,

of my sister and friend.

My love and my wishes,

I’m hoping to send.

Special Birthday Gift for Sister

For all happy times we have together shared,

And all your feelings towards me as you cared.

For the fights and arguments we have had,

And with time, how beautiful our bonding has fared.

To you my dear sister, a lifetime of prayers and love

Come wrapped for your birthday for you to say wow.

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!

Gentle Birthday Wishes for Sister

You guided me through rough and tough,

Have been my friend interestingly enough.

A sister like you deserves more,

With all the grace and health, I wish you score.

On your birthday, in life and beyond,

In every heart you grow fond.

Happy Birthday Dear One!

Binded In Love

We have lived so close to each other like forever,

Bined in love and understanding together.

So today even if we are miles and miles apart,

I promise, you will always be a part of my heart.

Happy Birthday, my dear sister.

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