Happy Birthday Status Quotes-Birthday Status Images

Happy Birthday Status Quotes-Birthday Status Images

Happy Birthday Status

Happy Birthday cake

Happy Birthday cake

Your angelic smile and you innocent eyes support my faith in the fact that life is worth living despite all the troubles. Happy first birthday.

Finally, you have got a whole number as your age. Happy 1st birthday.

Congratulations for completing one whole year of your life… but beware of what lies ahead. Happy 1st birthday.

Have all the fun you can have on your first birthday. People won’t fuss over you this much when you are two. Happy first birthday.
Friends also smile if the humor is directed toward yourself. For example you can joke “My back goes out more often than I do.” Another can take a dig at your wallet with “You would have loved the gift I couldn’t afford to buy you.” Here you will find the funniest Happy Birthday wishes. Check out this awesome collection of 100 funny birthday wishes and messages. Put a smile on your friends’ faces on the most important day of the year!
Another year for your back means another year that won’t suck.
Another year older, but unfortunately none wiser.

Another year, another new place that aches.

On your special day, I wish you peace, love, insight, relaxation, fun, knowledge, romance, friendship… and all that stuff that doesn’t cost anything.

I made you a birthday cake to celebrate, but I couldn’t light the candles. It turns out the fire department requires a permit for bonfires.

At least you’re not as old as you will be next year! Happy Birthday!

May my friend on this special day be able to set all the jealous people on fire and use the flame to burn the candles and blow them off with a happy smile, a very happy and amazing day to you.

Better to be over the ground than under it. Happy Birthday!
Better to be over the hill than buried under it.
Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

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