Happy Birthday Wishes for a Man

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Man

Being here today has reminded me a lot. May this birthday be better than the last dear friend’s husband, you will always get what you deserve.
Good things for a good man celebrating their special day. Have a jolly good time as you celebrate your birthday friend’s husband.
May your days be filled with happiness, May you never wary and worry in loneliness, may you enjoy God’s faithfulness in total fullness. Happy birthday Friend’s husband. Grow in grace.
Happy Birthday Wishes for a Man
Happy birthday my one and only honey best friend’s husband, you’ve been the kind of man every one of us wants. May you enjoy your special year with my friend. Cheers!
Today, if I buy you the whole world, you deserve more. If I gather the universe to celebrate a man of substance like you, you deserve more. Happy birthday to my friend’s husband. Enjoy it.
The woman who found a caring and loving husband is the luckiest woman in the world. I wish all the happiness and pleasure come in both of your lives. Happy Birthday, my friend’s husband.
Birthday messages for Friend’s husband

If a girl remains a girl after her marriage that’s all because of her husband’s true love. I am so happy to see my friend as happy as she was before marriage. Happy birthday, my dearest friend’s husband.
Sometimes I recall the times when we three were together and live as ‘friend’s forever’. Time changes so fast. I wish you two have a great life ahead. Happy Birthday, my friend’s husband.
May these words be received well, have a good birthday dear friend’s husband, as you blow out the candles, May new doors open for you.
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Success, love, happiness and counting your blessing are my wishes for you as you celebrate your birthday dear friend’s husband.
I can’t wait to see the day I’ll be happily married too, especially to a man like you. May your days be exclusively long and joyful. Happy birthday Friend’s husband.
You were my friend before you became a husband to that charming lady, now that lady is my friend. So, happy birthday to a friend and Friend’s husband.


I hope your wife will be the first to wake you up with a beautiful “happy birthday song”. If not, I’ll take her place. Heheheheh. Happy birthday gentle husband of my friend.
It’s all about love when I see my friend cherish and happy, her face reflects your true and unconditional love and care. Happy Birthday, dear friend’s husband.
Happy birthday to my sweetest friend’s husband. Really, man, you are performing your all duties very well. Keep it up!
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My love for you is unconditional and infinite. No matter you are not mine but I am happy to see you happy as a husband of my friend. I wish you good luck and happy birthday.
May good things follow you now and the rest of your life, you deserve the best friend’s husband, for making my friend really happy.
Thank you for being another friend, you are a good person and I know you deserve everything good life has to offer. Have a great birthday friend’s husband.
Happy birthday to you friend’s husband

I keep wondering why the oceans were roaring, I keep imagining what the seas were seeing, I keep observing why the eagles were smiling, then my heart whispered “it’s your friend’s husband birthday”. Happy Birthday.
Maybe there wouldn’t have been another perfect match of people other than you two, I’m happy that my friend found a man like you. Happy birthday Friend’s husband.
May be there wouldn’t have been another person my friend could smile with except me if you hadn’t come across her way. Thanks for being her joy. Happy birthday Friend’s husband.
Romantic Birthday Wishes and Messages
I am so thankful to God to bestow me such a great friend and family. I wish you a wonderful birthday, my sweetest friend’s sweet husband.
Happy birthday to the most handsome and charming man. Have a great day with your wife.
May the blessings of this day adorn your future and you both live a happy life. Happy Birthday, my dearest friend’s husband and my best friend too.


We may not know each other well, but I know my friend and if she picked you to be her hubby, you must really be something. Have a great birthday friend’s husband.
May this day give you memories you will live to cherish and live for. Have an amazing birthday friend’s husband.
Everyone would love the kind of home you’ve built, but it’s not about the home but about the man that built it. Happy birthday great man and Friend’s husband. Enjoy the beautiful day.
If I were in your mother’s womb the day you were born, maybe. I would have altered your destiny to marry me instead of my friend. You’re such a loving man. Happy Birthday friend’s husband.
Blessings never cease to flow in your life; I hope to get closer this year for those blessings to flow from you to me. Heheheheh. Happy birthday Friend’s husband.
You know what, the best time of my life? When I meet you. I feel my all sorrows are fled. You have an amazing and humorous personality. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend’s husband.
You were used to say that you love me but you fell in my best friend’s love. If you really love me you were never have got a chance to find someone else. Anyways Happy Birthday, my friend’s husband.
Years pass by but then don’t fade away, may this birthday bring you another reason to be happy that you are growing older dear friend’s husband.
Have a great time as you celebrate your birthday dear friend’s husband. Good times like this come only once every year.
Close your eyes and blow out your candles, there and then you will find 100001 reasons to open your eyes. Have a blessed birthday friend’s husband.

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