Happy Birthday Wishes sms For facebook

Happy Birthday Wishes sms For facebook

Good Morning

Wake up, wake up,
It’s morning time,
Stretch yourself,
Freshen up your mind.

birthday celebration photos 2017

birthday celebration photos 2017

It’s a new start,
Make the most,
Live it with smile,
And enjoy to the core.
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Move On

Step out in the sun,
Dance along the breeze,
And swirl around with fun,
Forget your past dear,
Day of charm has come,
Start a new life from now,
A brand new day has begun.
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Morning Poem

Life is a mystery,
Life is a secret,
Live it free,
Without any regret.
After every dark night,
There shines a sun,
So forget your worries,
And enjoy the fun.
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Morning Song

Birds are chirping on the trees,
Fresh air is swirling around me.
Sun is shining brighter than before,
And rays of sun are giving me hope.
Things are looking different today,
Surely some luck is coming my way,
I want to dance in the dew around,
And tune up to the morning song.
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I’m alive.


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