Happy Birthday Wishes status – Birthday quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes status – Birthday quotes

Warm Wishes

birthday pictures

birthday pictures

I sealed my heart filled with love,
And tied it with some silky ribbons,
I placed it in a box of chocolates,
And sent you all my warm wishes.
Do enjoy them all, Happy Birthday!
It’s Your Day

A Beautiful day,
Is born for you,
To set you free,
And bring you glee.
This sweet day,
Just to bless you,
Color you with joy,
And brighten up,
Your lovely smile,
So make the most,
And feel lucky today.
I wish you dear,
A Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish

I tied few warm wishes together,
And blew them with a flying kiss,
Now take your eyes in the blue sky,
And find them reaching your lips,
Feel them coming right on your face;
Hug them all with a warm embrace.
Wishing you a wonderful Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday

Warm wishes for you today,
May good luck come your way,
Free you from all the worries,
And enlighten everything,
With your cool presence.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wish

After a long time,
A beautiful day arrives.
We pray for someone,
And bless her with joys.
She is looking wonderful,
Like a summer butterfly.
Dressed up like an angel,
And her smile is bright.
We are waiting to celebrate;
It’s a very special occasion.
We are waiting for the cake,
It’s our special one’s Birthday.

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