Love Messages for Facebook and Whatsapp

Love Messages for Facebook and Whatsapp

Hey dear we will stand some day, we will get our charm on day. We will let these troubles down. We have nothing to do know but there will be the way one day which will get us our way. These life quotes inspire our inner conditions to find the way to your life, every word of these quotes describes your life’s attentions.

love quotes for him

Hey! This will pass somedaylife quotes

This storm of every day

Hey! We will tell someday

We will live to tell the tail

Hey! We will stand someday

Against these storms of everyday

Hey! We will grow someday

But let me run today

Hey! We will return one day

And we will stand one day

Hey! We will have nothing on the day

We will have noting to collect the grain

love image

love image

love photos

love photos

love pictures

love pictures

love quote image

love quote image

Every one knows that life is full of trouble and sadness, no one sincerely hold the hands but don’t worry about it my life we will grow one day. Trouble can not harm us in the way of our life. These sad love quotes for him is the way of expressing feelings for someone.What are the conducts which can make us to stay together, one can consider the love as the first priority of life. But if you wanna stay in contact with your loving one then find the customs which will keep you to be one.

Here are some sad love quotes for him who can help you to stay as a partner of life and death.

Hey! We are the name

Of lively relation

Hey! We don’t say it

But we are the name of passion

Hey! We stay together every time

Anywhere from death to life

Hey! We live a different life

No one can judge its price

Hey! We are the bond of blood

With this lovely wink of love

Hey! We live together in life

This is nature and our pride

Hey! We are always same forever

We don’t really grow old

Hey! We live by a cod

That might be our hope

Hey! It’s that relation that units us

It’s that name which defines us

Hey! We stay together in life

Everywhere from death to life

True lovers do the partner of life and death, if they both are sincere with each other. But the sincerity goes ahead because of personal or family crashes. So the best way to set the broken hearts joyful here are some life quotes.

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