Love wishes status for facebook

Love wishes status for facebook


D Most Romantic Story Is Not

Romeo and Juliet, Who Died Together

Bt Me and U, Who Will Grow Old Together

Love is companionship set ablaze.

Supreme healthy yearning

Love is a perfect thing, marriage a genuine article. – Goethe

Love can touch us 1 time and keep going for a lifetime,

furthermore, never let go till we’re gone.

Now and again, amidst a customary life,

adore gives us a fable

Love resembles war: Easy to start yet difficult to end.

“Love is the compelling longing to be powerfully craved.” – Mark Twain

Love-D Simplest thing of ALL and it has D most confused clarification

In the number juggling of adoration, one in addition to one equivalents everything, and two short one equivalents nothing. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Love its a 3 letters words give the torment to 2 man if missed any of them

adore resembles a woods where overcome tigers are executed by according to deers.

I WILL Conquer the entirety

world with my single hand

In the event that You are holding the other.

New style of proposing Boy: would i be able to take a photograph.

Young lady: why? Kid: simply needed 2 demonstrate my kids

How their mother looked in Her more youthful age.

Kabhi hasata hai pyaar,

Kabhi rulata hai pyaar,

Har buddy ki yaad dilata hai yeh pyaar,

Chaho ya na chaho,

Standard aapke sharpen ka ehsaas dilata hai yeh pyaar.

Apne dard-E-dil ka hamdard hame hello there paaogey,

In tanhaiyon mein saath hame hello there paaogey,

Entryway hain tum say to kya huwa,

In dooriyon mein sabse kareeb hame hello there paaogey.

In the event that I could remove one thing from us, it would be separate. Horribly, miss you angel!

SMS doesn’t mean:

S: Short

M: Messaging

S: Service

It just means:

S: Sweet

M: Memories

S: Shared

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