Raksha Bandhan status Messages

Raksha Bandhan status Messages


Howdy Chinnu,

Sorry for always making you cry. Yet, I cherish you in particular. Lamentably, at whatever point I endeavor not to make u feel dismal, I do as such and wind up making you furious and disappointed. You are my spirit and everything in my life relies upon your upbeat life. May you have a commendable existence.

Love u until the end of time

From: Yours Muddu

Dear Chinnu,

You are the best sister that I could ever get in my life. I need you to be upbeat wherever and anyway you are. I know you cherish me as well however I adore you more than any other individual in this world.

Missing you

Adore you until the end of time

From: Yours Muddu

Hello Khushi,

I will be ur sibling until the end of time. Try not to stress. I saw ur msg and got passionate to peruse that u don’t have a sibling and u r feeling unfortunate along these lines. Don’t u ever think like that later on. B’coz u have me as ur sibling for whatever is left of ur life. Prior I had only one little, charming sister, however now I have 2 extremely adorable sisters.

Cheerful Raksha Bandhan KHUSHI

From: Sharath Shekar MS

Sweet Didi vai, my Bonu and Bontu,

Didi-dada, Vai-bon Kete Galo Sara Jibon Eri Majhe Ektukhkhon Anondo Dilo Raksha Bandhan Toder sokol-er proti roilo anek valobasa and srodhdha ami chirokal toder vair dada digger thakte chai.

From: Vishak Bhattacharya

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