Romantic Birthday Poems: Romantic Birthday Messages

Romantic Birthday Poems: Romantic Birthday Messages




Birthday Poems


Romantic Birthday Poems

The very best romantic birthday poems can be the spark that ignites true passion on your sweetheart’s birthday — just like the beautifully written, romantic poems for birthdays here. Choosing a poem as a birthday message is a wonderful romantic gesture. Poetry at its finest is an incredibly romantic way to make your loved one’s birthday celebration an unforgettable experience. See for yourself right below…
Message Guy Tip #94:How to select romantic birthday poems

Romantic poems have the power to truly ignite your sweetheart’s passion any day of the year — imagine what they can do on his or her birthday. Fireworks, for sure. Of course, romantic poems for birthdays come in many shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for your beloved is not exactly a walk in the park. But it’s not rocket science either.So how should you proceed? You just need to consider a few things before you set off on your search. For starters…
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…You need to remember the golden rule for picking romantic birthday poems: even if a romantic poem is good, that doesn’t mean it’s good for your honey bunch. It may be too romantic or not romantic enough for him or her. It may be too clever or too down-to-earth. In other words, you need to find a poem that is the right fit. So what makes a poem right for your sweetie? Here are a few time-tested pointers: Romantic birthday poems can be short, long or somewhere in-between. Some people can only tolerate short poems. For others, the longer the poem, the better. Choose one that matches your loved one’s attention span for poetry.
Decide if your beloved likes clichés in poems, like the ones you find in pop songs, more esoteric verses or real, cutting-edge poetry.
Some romantic birthday poems are more, for lack of a better word, poetic (lyrical) than others when it comes to conveying feelings. This is not necessarily a bad thing — it just means you need to determine how poetic you want your honey’s poem to be and choose one accordingly.
Pick a poem that sincerely expresses the love you really have for your sweetheart. The more sincere you are with your feelings, the more he or she will like the poem.
You don’t to select a poem with the typical romantic scenarios, like the day you met. Go bigger. The poem you choose can be about anything, as long as its romantic and expresses your feelings honestly.
Most important tip: Choose a poem that’s personal — personal for you and personal for him or her. The poem you select should accurately reflect the love you have for each other. Don’t be afraid to be authentic with your feelings. Emotion is what turns prose into poetry, so don’t skim on this aspect of choosing a poem. If the poem you choose hides your true feelings, your significant other will pick up on this insincerity in an instant.
Read the poem you like aloud to yourself to see if they stir up any feelings in you. If they do, they will probably do the same for your sweetie.
Contemplate what you want your birthday poem to achieve. Do you want to express your love? Do you want to apologize after a bad argument? Would you like to set the mood for the rest of the night? Do you want to get back with someone? Needless to say, choose a poem that achieves the objective you have in mind.
Pay close attention to the end of the poem you select. Because the most powerful message (emotionally) of any poem usually comes on the last line, like a punch line for a joke, you want your choice to have the right message for you, your lover and the relationship you have with him or her.
Bottom line: it’s not how good a poem is — it’s how good it is in evoking the right emotions in your partner. So? Get started with a birthday poem below that says everything you want to express…and you’ll pick a winner.

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Happy birthday!Adored is the heart touched by you,Redeemed is the soul by your side,Blessed are the eyes that behold you,For my heart, soul and eyes don’t lie.
Sweeter than anything,I will ever taste,Passion so fierce,I can just melt away,An ache so strong,It fills my every thought,My love for you,each moment, each day.Happy birthday!

No love is sweeter,No love is crazier,No love is sillier,No love is rawer,No love is needier,No love is hotter,No love is nicer,No love is cozier,No love is truer,No love is softer,No love is fuller,No love is deeper,No love is lovelier,Than my love for you.Happy birthday, my love!
WHAT I CRAVEBy Message Guy
You are what I crave,You are what I adore,You are what I need,I couldn’t ask for more.I love you crazier than ever,I’m yours to take, keep or lose,I can’t get near enough of you,My sweet treat I cannot refuse.Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my love.When I see you,My knees go weak,My heart jumps,I cannot speak.I’m right beside you,Nothing’s wrong,Hand in hand we go,I’m where I belong. 
You’re my clear blue sky,That you must surely know,It’s as clear as a sunny day,My love for you burns so.Nobody compares to you,No heart or soul comes near,It’s only you I need and desire,Happy birthday, my dearest dear.

Keep going!Check out the romantic birthday poems below!

SUNSHINEBy Message Guy
Happy birthday.You’re the sunshine on my face,The warmth that dries my tears,The bright light behind my smile,My nighttime heat all these years. You’re a gift from above,So intense, so hot, so true,Caressing me with kindness,Forever I have loved you.
MY LOVEBy Message Guy
Let my love find its way,I want to show you I care,I can’t bear it any longer,I have so much love to share,Let my love into your heart,I’m already halfway there,Just take me all the way,With my heart laid bare.
Let’s make your birthday sizzle,A real scorcher in every way,I want to reveal my love to you,Let me show you on your special day.
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You don’t have to stick to one poem. Put as many romantic birthday poems as you want in the eCard or greeting card for your sweetheart. If you want to choose from the world’s 10 best love poems, click here to see the “Top 10” of all time. 
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