Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

Sad Love Quotes For Him From The Heart

Sad Love Quotes

Love is the beauty of life; it is an extraordinary feeling that helps you experience the array of emotions. But some time it makes unhappy and painful, this is when heart break, when both the partners unable to understand each other. It makes lonely and depressed, it takes away all the joys of our life. Because here is a stage in the love when we don’t realize we are in love, we don’t understand the feelings of love. So here are some love quotes from the depth of love.

Hey! He’s roaming in the fresh breeze

Just once come close to him

Hey! He’s deeper than your thoughts

How deeper than your dream

Hey! He is familiar to your life

He’ll see through your eyes

Hey! He’s affectionate than ever

He is safe than havens

Hey! Look beyond what you see

sad love quot image

sad love quot image

sad love status

sad love status

sad love quotes

sad love quotes

sad love photo

sad love photo

It’s him what you seeEvery one would be the shadow of love if they are truly involved in their love relationship. One can never forget the first love because it became the first priority of life. In this condition no one can avoid to read sad love quotes for him.

Sad Love Quotes For Him

Hey! Listen my poor fellow

I am your lovely shadow

Hey! Don’t be proud on this shadow

You won’t have this shadow all-day

Because! Sun will go someday

It will set someday

Hey! I am just like that sun

I will not be there someday

Hey! Then you will have to face the results

About the deeds you did in my shadow

Hey! They say I should be beautiful

I should be very pure

Hey! They don’t know about this

But they must know it for sure

Hey! I can only be as beautiful

As they make me with their deeds

Hey! My little poor fellow

Plant good deed in my shadow

Because! One day when you’ll need

I will give you the fruit of yours deed

Hey! I am that mighty life

Who lets you live your dreams?

But! Do well in your dreams

One day you will face your deeds

One day the sun of our darkness and sadness will go ahead, and we will live in the word of happiness. Life quotes can give you the way to your life, this is the only way to express your feelings.

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