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How To Calculate Zakat-Al-Fitr

Fitrana Calculation With one week to go before Ramadan, the Muslim Judicial Council Fatwa Committee has reported the cost of fitrah and fidyah for Ramadan 1437. This year, fitrah is computed to be 4kgs of rice and fidyah is proportional to 1 kg of rice. This Ramadan, Muslims will pay R36 for fitrah per individual. In case you can’t quick, ...

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What Is Zakat al-Fitr

Zakat al-Fitr Fitrah, fitrana or zakat – ul – fitar are the terms used to characterize that cash which is compulsory to be given to the destitute before eid-ul fitar. This cash is paid to the needy individuals with the goal that they can satisfy their requirements on the eid day. since eid day is to be praised by all ...

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