[Dan Henry] Infobusiness in the USA: How is the sales funnel, which brings $ 3 million per year

Key message in advertising

Although the main purpose of advertising is to register for a webinar in his advertising posts, Den does not focus on promoting the webinar. He does not use flashy messages about the magnificence of his webinar.

He promotes a post in which the user can find a large amount of valuable information. He shares knowledge, insights, tips and experience, which on the topic is very close to the topic of the webinar and its main product.

Thus, he takes a step towards users and establishes a certain level of trust.

The reader understands that this guy “knows something”, and even share it just like that.

Moreover, while not a word about the sale.

As you can see from the text in the ad, Dan first says what he talks about in a video that lasts 8 minutes. It would seem that it’s not at all a format for Facebook, where many people advise using videos no longer than 40 seconds long.

Then he calls to register for the webinar and leaves a link, twice.

Directly, in the video itself, Den, as promised, tells in details and figures about how his sales funnel works, using social proof in the form of screenshots, where his earnings are shown, and remaining as open as possible, which captivates the viewer.

With this approach, Dan “warms up” a cold audience that has never heard of him before and establishes a relationship, giving people an opportunity to follow the link further, thereby moving forward through Den’s marketing funnel.