Digital Marketing: What is Digital Marketing and Why Your Business Needs It Today

Native ad

The essence of natural advertising is reflected in its name – it fits perfectly into the context of the platform on which it is placed. Native ads do not contrast with the content of the site and look like “native” content.

A good example for native advertising is BuzzFeed. It is also widely believed that advertising on social networks (Facebook or Instagram) is also native.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation involves the use of special software that automates your basic marketing operations. You can save time and labor by automating regularly recurring tasks:

  • mailing lists;
  • social media posting schedule;
  • updating the contact list;
  • advanced training of leads;
  • lead scoring ;
  • control over the results of the advertising campaign and reporting.

Email Marketing

Companies use email marketing as a way to communicate with their audience. E-mail is often used to promote content, to report discounts and events, and to direct people to a company’s website.

What types of messages can you send:

  • subscription to news portals;
  • regular distribution of letters to site visitors who have already downloaded something;
  • Greetings to new customers
  • holiday promotions for loyalty program participants;
  • tips or similar series of letters to strengthen customer contact.

Despite the rather large age of this tool, email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for promoting a business and increasing sales.


Online PR provides a large audience reach through digital publications, blogs and other content sites. It is very similar to traditional PR, but in online space.

In order to make your PR strategy more effective, digital marketers use:

  • PR outreach;
  • online reviews of goods and services;
  • comments and reviews on sites or blogs.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing combines all of the above marketing tactics. It aims to attract, engage and satisfy customers through content.

Unlike the old method of attracting customers, when companies tried to reach out to potential customers and talk about their products, inbound marketing involves an integrated approach to attract the attention of the target audience by creating and distributing useful online content.

Thus, marketing turns out to be inbound, because thanks to content in different formats and on different platforms, people themselves find your company and themselves want to become your customers.

The process is approximately as follows:

  1. A person has a problem that he wants to solve.
  2. He begins his search for a solution by searching for relevant information on Google.
  3. Using Google, he finds useful articles, studies, tips on your blog.
  4. In the process of interacting with your content, a person understands that your company is an expert in his field and, moreover, provides a product that could help him solve a problem and help achieve his goal.
  5. A person decides to become your client and places an order.

Thus, you can attract hundreds and thousands of customers every day, because, unlike offline marketing, digital inbound marketing is not limited to location or time of day.

Inbound marketing is based on a high  quality content strategy , which directly creates the basis for attracting the attention of the target audience in this way.

This is all made possible by the proper use of digital technology.

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