Eid Mubarak wallpapers for desktop, Whatsapp and facebook

Eid Mubarak 2017pic
Eid Mubarak 2017pic

Eid Mubarak wallpapers for desktop

Eid 2017 the day when Muslims of the world will be rejoicing with each other and will be celebrating the holy day. Eid 2017 bring the breeze of happiness for them and makes their life more prosperous. Not just this Eid 2017 holds a great importance in everyone’s life. This festival marks the blessings of Allha for all people and his blessings keep the world free from all the evils. Eid 2017 makes us believe that all mighty is always looking at us and our actions decides his presence for us. Eid  will bring the showers of success and joy for all the Muslims and their brothers on the day and it is also said that after this day the rest of the year is the best part time a Muslim can experience. On Eid 2017 evil inside us loses its conquest with the goodness inside us that Allah has provided and makes us to live freely as a happy and wise man!

Eid Mubarak wallpapers 2017

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Eid 2017 inspires us to forgive others and not to sleep at night with hate for someone. It also indicates that we should believe in humanity not in religions because humanity is the biggest religion of all. Eid 2017 throws light on the belief that God is one and the one all mighty is the helper of all humans on the earth. It also shows that we should always follow the path of truth and we must have faith in God. It brings the happiness to ones life and also grants success and peace in life! Eid 2017 teaches us the things that we can’t learn in the whole time of year.

Eid Mubarak wallpapers Images 2017


I wanted to be the first one to say Eid Mubark to everyone around the world. I hope you enjoy each and every moment of it. May God accept our fasts and prayers.

Enjoy your Day!!


Eid is coming soon so I wish you a very happy Eid to all who celebrating! May this special day brings peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone.



This day is a wishing time,

A time for wishing you very special happiness with joy and good cheer, too,

It’s also time for wishing you lots of happiness that will be filled with all the finest things with your memory.



Kitni eidain guzar gai tum bin

Ab khuda kay liye na tarpana

Dekho phir eid anay wali ha

Eid kay sath tum bhi ajana


wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe.Eid MubarikMay the noor of this month illuminate ur heart, mind and soul n may all ur duas be answered. Remember me in your prayers. EID MUBARAK


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<<<<<EID MUBARAK>>>>>

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Eid Mubarak 2017

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