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Fitrana Calculation

With one week to go before Ramadan, the Muslim Judicial Council Fatwa Committee has reported the cost of fitrah and fidyah for Ramadan 1437. This year, fitrah is computed to be 4kgs of rice and fidyah is proportional to 1 kg of rice. This Ramadan, Muslims will pay R36 for fitrah per individual. In case you can’t quick, you can hope to pay R9 for consistently missed.


In an announcement, the mufti of the Fatwa Department, Maulana Tauha Karaan said pregnant or breastfeeding moms who are not ready to quick are encouraged to give fidyah in kind and not in real money.

“Fitrah might be given out whenever after Ramadan has started up to the time the imam climbs the mimbar on the morning of Eid. Inability to give it out inside the endorsed period does not vindicate one of the obligation of giving fitrah, yet denies one of the full value of fitrah,” he clarified.

Fitrah is endorsed as a methods for cleaning for the individual who fasts, changing incorrectly deeds and undesirable words expressed amid fasting. It is additionally a help to the penniless.

Fitrah is a commitment on the individual and his dependants, for example, his significant other, kids who have not achieved development and guardians.

Fidyah is a gift of cash or sustenance made to help those in need. Fidyah is given when somebody is pregnant, breastfeeding, sick or of extraordinary age (old or youthful) and can’t quick for the required measure of days. In Ramadan, the Fidyah can be made for any measure of days.

As per Karaan, fidyah progresses toward becoming wajib step by step and it must not be given ahead of time.

“It must be given for a specific day once that day has begun. It is in this way prudent to defer fidyah until the finish of Ramadan.”

Group associations required in the accumulation and dissemination of fitrah and fidyah are encouraged to inquire as to whether they incline toward fitrah in real money or kind.

“Where no convincing reason exists to act generally, the inclination of the individuals who select to get in real money ought to be obliged.” VOC

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