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Zakat al-Fitr

Fitrah, fitrana or zakat – ul – fitar are the terms used to characterize that cash which is compulsory to be given to the destitute before eid-ul fitar. This cash is paid to the needy individuals with the goal that they can satisfy their requirements on the eid day. since eid day is to be praised by all muslims since it is a reward or prize from ALLAH swt against the 29/30 fasts muslims see amid Ramadan.


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Since old ages, individuals have denoted some exceptional days in a year to cheer and celebrate and to be glad. In islam, the two authority days to celebrate are the two eids. Be that as it may, these extraordinary events are for each muslim not just for the individuals who can celebrate and feel upbeat. This is the reason is has been made compulsory for the muslims who are sahb-e nisab to pay fitrana to the poor before eid petition.

The best is to pay them some prior days eid with the goal that they can likewise spend the cash or keep it to be spent upon the arrival of eid.

Fitranah is unique in relation to zakat as they say measuring and its conveyance. It is computed as 2.50 wheat for every head in the family. Assume if there are 7 individuals in your home, the 2.5 kg wheat for every head will end up noticeably 2.5*7= 17.5 kg. In this way the family will pay the cash identical to the 17.5 kg crude wheat to poor people.

This is not a tremendous sum which can’t be paid so it ought to be paid some prior days eid. Many individuals still pay the standard cash against 2.5 kg, yet the better path is to pay 2.5 kg identical current measure of wheat.

In the event that wheat costs go up, it will profit somewhat more which won’t not hurt the sahib-e nisab much but rather can do great to the poor family. Along these lines, the poor will get progressively and will have the capacity to spend his eid day betterly.

Islam has made it compulsory for the muslims to recollect their other muslim siblings and sisters in the season of satisfaction and in the seasons of distress. In the event that it was not made required, individuals would have never considered poor and the world would be a most exceedingly awful place for the individuals who don’t have much to gain.

ALLAH is the sustainer of all, and HE has made courses for his kin to burn through cash and to get cash. Keep in mind to pay fitrah and don’t be reluctant to pay cash in the method for ALLAH since when you spend for ALLAH , HE recalls that it.

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